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Giovanni Guidi is, for sure, one of the most convincing and amazing artists that belong to the current italian and international jazz scene. In this project he is the leader of a Trio composed by young, but very esperienced, musicians: Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo. Guidi recorded with them “ City Of broken Dreams” cd in 2013 and “ This Is The Day”, cd that was out the 20th of last march. Both of the albums are by “ECM”. Thomas Morgan was the favourite Paul Motian’s bassist in the latest period of his life. He collaborated with lots of  international artists, just like, Steve Coleman, John Abercrombie, Mark Feldman, Craig Taborn Jim Black, Tomasz Stanko and David Virelles. Joao Lobo is, instead, one of the most esteemed drummers of the present scene, and he is considered one of the european most interesting musicians of these latest years. Both of them met Giovanni on their way on success. Morgan was by is side in his  quintets and Lobo played with him in his quartet and in the  “UNKNOWN REBEL BAND”. All these projects became cd recorded by CAM JAZZ. Giovanni Guidi’s Trio was  on tour last  march, after the “This is the day” album issue. Its protagonists are open-minded, extroverted and their musical texture creates several atmospheres and suggestions that, in spite of everething, don’t forget the melodic way of thinking and the extreme lyricism that are important aspects of Giovanni Guidi’s artistic personality.


Giovanni Guidi born in Foligno 1985,  meets Enrico Rava during a Workshop in Siena. Rava notices his talent and decides to include him in “Rava Under 21” project, that would become  “Rava New Generation” after a little time. With this group Guidi will record two CDs , in 2006 and in 2010, for “ESPRESSO” magazine. At the moment , beyond the partnership with Gianluca Petrella, his own personal trio with Luca Aquino and Michele Rabbia, his quartet  leaded with the young sax “enfant prodige” Mattia Cigalini,Guidi is always leader of his own groups.cHe took part to a very large number of important  jazz festivals all around the world. We may mention Umbria Jazz, Vicenz New Conversation, Zurich Nu Jazz, Umbria Jazz Balcanic Windows, Stavanger Mai Jazz, Jazzlandia, North Sea Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz, Portland Jazz Festival, and many others. Moreover , he performed in many clubs and theatres in New york, San Paolo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Slavador De Bahia, Berlino, Parigi, Londra, Monaco, Dublino, Seoul, Hong Kong. His first album as a leader is “Tomorrow Never Knows” , recorded by the japanese label VENUS, receiving five stars in a review by the “Swing Journal” magazine. After that he released other four albums for CAM JAZZ label: “Indian Summer” and “The House Behind This One” recorded with his quartet, “The Unknown Rebel “with a band of ten elements and “We Don’t Live Here Anymore”, recorded in New York  with Gianluca Petrella, Michael Blake, Thomas Morgan and Gerald Clever. His first album as leader released by the prestigious ECM label is dated 2013: “City of Broken Dreams”, recorded in trio with Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo. Guidi had just recorded previously two other labums for ECM: “Tribe” and “ On The Dance Floor”, both by Enrico Rava. Guidi won, moreover, several awards, such as  the “TOPJAZZ “ award by “ Musica Jazz” magazine. In that occasion the young pianist is been named by a 58 members giury the best talent of 2007. Guidi recorded a new album that was out last march. “This Is The Day”, released by ECM is recorded with  Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo .

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Thomas Morgan born on August 14, 1981 in Hayward, California. Is a jazz bassist in New York. After playing cello for seven years, he turned to the double bass at the age of fourteen, taking lessons from Todd Sickafoose for a brief time and Cindy Browne Rosefield for the rest of his high school years. In 1999 he moved to New York to study with Harvie S and Garry Dial at the Manhattan School of Music, also taking extracurricular lessons with Ray Brown and Peter Herbert.

He now performs regularly in New York, Europe, and Canada, and is a member of over twenty bands, including groups led by Dave Binney, Steve Coleman, Pete Robbins, Todd Neufeld, Dan Weiss, Scott DuBois, Samuel Blaser, Paul Motian, Maria Neckam, John Abercrombie, Tyshawn Sorey, Masabumi Kikuchi, Ben Gerstein, Jen Shyu, and Yoon Sun Choi, with whom he plays guitar.


João Lobo is a very active drummer in the European musical scene, having played in some of the most important jazz venues with musicians such as Enrico Rava, Carlos Bica, Alexandra Grimal, Giovanni Guidi, and recording for record labels such as CamJazz and Clean Feed. He started playing drums at the age of 12 and began his formal education at the Hot Clube de Portugal Jazz School in Lisbon. In 2001 he moved to The Netherlands where he got a Bachelor Degree in jazz-percussion in 2006 and met a lot of musicians with which he still colaborates. Despite his short career, João Lobo has already performed with some big names of the European and American jazz scene such as Roswell Rudd, Gianluca Petrella, Julian Arguelles, Nelson Veras, John Hebert and Michael Attias.


“Of all the current piano trios, this one: Giovanni Guidi Trio,   completed by the Portuguese drummer João Lobo, is my favourite: not the most blatantly adventurous, by any means, but a collective marvel of touch, precision, empathy and lyricism, the threat of sentimentality in something like their wonderful version of “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” held at bay by Lobo’s unpredictable colouristic interventions (a repertoire of mysterious tapping, scraping and scratching).”  Richard Williams (






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