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Enrico Rava, tireless as usual, no matter he’s 75, is leading a brand new quartet calling by his side three very young talents and giving life to the “RAVA NEW 4ET” project.

WILD DANCE, Enrico Rava's brand new ECM album, was out on september and it's already became a success. 

It is composed by:

Francesco Diodati belongs to the large crowd of young italian jazz musicians in rising (not only national) success.
The most peculiar aspects of his “artistic way of living music” are: strogly clear ideas and a  strict desire to share his musical language with other musicians belonging to his generation.What Diodati gives to jazz music is a contemporary approach in which the sense of history and a huge auditory universe live side by side.
Electronic effects, wisely used and built on skillfully technical competence of  acustic and electric guitar, reflect a new idea of music that expand “six strings” physical borders.

Gabriele Evangelista  is one of the most creative and eclectic italian  bass players. He is the latest Rava’s talent discovery.
Noticed during  one of the summer jazz masterclasses in Siena, He is musically growing incredibly quickly, gaining successes every day more.
He’s very esteemed for his extraordinaries abilities, such as: precision, a mad creativity and an amazing interplay.

Enrico Morello is a drummer by the polished drumming. He can count on a strong academic training and on a long series of international experiences, rare for the largest number of his equals in age. He plays his instrument with strong passion and axtreme competence.He is an inquiring musician. His love for tradition gives him, not only, an amazing “swing ability”, but also a great sense of dynamic choices.At the same time, he is a musician who looks farward, always occupied in a personal research, from jazz to the rest of musical universe.






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